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How to organize your finances for your loved ones

3 real-life stories show why doing this is so important

By John Seber for Next Avenue


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If someone will need to settle your estate or care for you because you’re seriously ill, that could mean needing to amass critical financial information about you in a hurry. But this kind of scavenger hunt — finding legal documents, bank accounts, insurance policies, credit cards, online accounts and the like — is very hard when that person is grieving or dealing with a multitude of caregiving issues.

That’s why you should take the necessary steps now, before a potential crisis arrives, to get your records together. read more

How to find your inner artist at any age

It may take several attempts to uncover your hidden talent, but it’s worth it

By Hélèna Katz for Next Avenue

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Credit: Getty Images

My parents’ duplex is like a shrine dedicated to our family’s artistic talents. One sister’s paintings, sketches and collages decorate the walls. Another’s drawing holds a prominent spot in the dining room. A cabinet displays my father’s sculptures and my mother’s handmade dolls, which are outfitted in 19th-century costumes that she designed and sewed herself.

My home, by contrast, is littered with what looks to be an array of kindergarten art projects. Which sounds kind of cute, except that they weren’t made by 5-year-olds. They’re all mine. read more

Money 101 for (imperfect) parents and grown-up kids

How to guide your twentysomething to financial security

By Elizabeth Fishel and Jeffrey Arnett for Next Avenue


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Parental guidance about money matters can be worth its weight in gold to help grown-up kids reach financial autonomy. Before launching young people into the world of earning and spending, it’s wise for parents to share their financial know-how: smart budgeting and financial planning; establishing credit and using it wisely; handling student loans; getting the necessary health insurance and savvy saving.

Of course, many parents have hardly led exemplary financial lives themselves, and many were wounded deeply by the financial doldrums of the past decade-plus. But even here your advice and experience can be valuable. If you’ve suffered financial reversals in the course of your adult life—and who among us has not?—you can provide the benefit of your hard-won experience so your children will not repeat those mistakes. read more

PMMA names hospice administrator

Basingo-webMargaret “Cheyenne” Basingo, Wichita, was recently named executive director for Senior Independence Hospice Wichita (SIHW). SIHW is a service of Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America Inc. (PMMA).

Cheyenne was promoted from within SIHW, as she has been serving in the role of Clinical Services Director from July 2015 until her promotion to executive director.

Prior to her role with SIHW, Cheyenne worked as RN case manager for Gentiva Hospice, in Wichita, Ks, from January 2013 to January 2015. She served as Charge Nurse at Dove Estates Assisted Living in Goddard, Ks, from April 2013 through July 2015. She also has more than five years of Hospice experience as a Home Health Aide providing personal care in patients’ homes. read more

What to do when your green thumb has arthritis

These 11 professional tips will help you enjoy gardening (relatively) pain-free

By Leslie Land for Next Avenue

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Credit: Getty Images

I am mostly unbothered by the signs of my advancing age: Finding a wrinkle here or a gray hair there disturbs me not a jot. But last spring the osteoarthritis that I’ve had in my hands for more than a decade stopped being a minor annoyance and became quite literally a major pain, especially when I’m in the garden.

Simple tasks like weeding and deadheading had always been meditations that freed and quieted my mind. Then suddenly they were the opposite. My mind was pretty much tied up to the noise of my thumbs hurting. read more

Art is Ageless wins creativity award

HermesLogoPresbyterian Manors of Mid-America’s 2016 Art is Ageless® calendar won a platinum award from the Hermes Creative Awards competition.

The Hermes Creative Awards competition is administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. The awards recognize the outstanding work of creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional and emerging media.

Of the 6,000 entries from 23 countries, about 15 percent receive a platinum award, the highest award given, according to contest organizers. A list of winners is available at read more

Downward facing dork: Taking up Yoga at 60

He wanted to find inner peace. Here’s what he found instead.

By Kevin Kusinitz for Next Avenue

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Credit: Thinkstock

For a guy like me, taking up yoga when pushing 60 was a bit like trying to date a 21 year-old — probably good for my circulation but with a strong chance of falling on my face.

No matter. I decided to give it a whirl, as much for a spiritual as physical overhaul. Still, I had questions. I mean, if yoga is supposed to make you full of inner peace, how does that explain Alec Baldwin? More importantly, what if I wasn’t as flexible as I once was?

Actually, no worries there — I was never as flexible as I ever was. I couldn’t even yawn without lapsing into a minor myoclonus. For me, yoga would be a leap of faith, followed by a possible leg cramp. read more

How to be a writer at any age

10 rules to live by from the author of ‘The War of the Roses’

By Warren Adler for Next Avenue


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I always wanted to be a writer. Ever since I was conscious, I felt that inexplicable pull to tell a story, to create a scene, to leave a reader wanting to know what would happen next. When life’s responsibilities came knocking, i.e. I had a family to support, my career as a published author was put on hold. However, I knew that nothing would block the path to my dream: to be a full-time writer in control of my career and destiny.

I had a late start as a published writer, at 46, and since then I’ve published more than 50 works, including The War of the Roses, which became the nomenclature of divorce worldwide and turned into a box-office hit. Having been in the creative ballgame for nearly half a century, I have seen the various reincarnations of the publishing industry. read more

Senior Independence Hospice of Mid-America receives CHAP Accreditation


Senior Independence Hospice of Mid-America Wichita (SIHW) has received full accreditation from the Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP) and was recommended for Medicare certification. SIHW is a service of Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America.

During a site visit February 16-18, CHAP found SIHW to be in compliance with the CHAP Standards of Excellence. The accreditation is renewable every three years. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Regional Office makes the final determination regarding Medicare certification. read more

Do you really need to get an annual checkup?

Physicians disagree on the need for one when you’re not sick

By Rita Rubin for Next Avenue

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Kind of like the old saw “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” some doctors have been questioning the need for adults who aren’t sick to get a checkup.

In 2012, the most recent year for which data are available, “general medical examination” ranked as the fifth most common type of primary-care doctor visit in the United States (“routine infant or child health check” was No. 1). Out of about 929 million visits, roughly 26 million were the so-called general medical examination, according to the 2012 National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey. read more